Accessibility and confidentiality

Our aim is to foster close relations with our clients: every project undertaken by EURODEALS is managed by our two partners, from start to finish, and conducted with confidentiality in mind throughout. This close accessibility provides the guarantee of a solid partnership throughout the process. We can protect the interests of our clients on a comprehensive basis: whether in terms of strategic choices, the management of the transaction process, or the psychological and human dimension. For this reason, we operate solely under the terms of an exclusive brief.


Responsive and creative

The partnership-based relations which we establish allow us to become genuine facilitators in the decision-making process, and to deliver proposals in response to the issues or difficulties which are bound to arise in any assignment, acquisition or fundraising operation. Our concern is to identify areas of fragility, to anticipate potential sources of obstruction and to propose appropriate responses to be deployed.



Our wealth of past and present experience has allowed us to forge genuine links with industrial directors, investors, banks, lawyers, etc.. We have thus developed a diverse and multi-faceted network, the benefits of which are at your disposal.

Since June 2016, EURODEALS has been a partner of LINKERS, an independent business bank, with whom it often works on operations of an international scale involving SMEs and mid-cap companies (in the M&A WORLDWIDE network).

EURODEALS has developed a consultancy business which complements that of LINKERS. It undertakes multi-sectoral operations, with highly-developed expertise in the corporate services sector and in operations involving investment funds.

Not necessarily being possessed of the requisite technical resources for the execution of some of the briefs for which it is appointed, EURODEALS has co-opted the services of LINKERS, with whom it has concluded a partnership agreement for the pooling of resources.



EURODEALS is an independent consultancy organization for mergers & acquisitions and fundraising operations, specializing in medium-sized companies, and with particular experience in the corporate services sector. Our independence from any financial establishment or industrial group provides a guarantee of impartiality and confidentiality in our operations.


Legal and financial guarantees

EURODEALS is a simplified joint stock company with capital of €35,000, member of the AFITE (Association pour le Financement et la Transmission d’Entreprise), whose financial resources and COVEA RISKS, insurance policy give all the necessary guarantees for the optimum representation of the interests of its clients.

The code of professional ethics defined by the AFITE (Association pour le Financement et la Transmission d’Entreprise) is observed.

Public liability insurance has been concluded with the insurance company COVEA RISKS.