EURODEALS is an independent French firm established in 2000, specializing in mergers & acquisitions.

The firm conducts its business in two fields: consultancy services for mergers & acquisitions, and consultancy services for fundraising operations.

Its partners and founders, Jean-Marie PICHON and Annie BORDAS, whose entrepreneurial careers have brought them a wealth of experience in corporate management, have elected to position EURODEALS on the SME/mid-cap company market, and conduct both national and trans-frontier operations.

EURODEALS is a partner of LINKERS, which features among the top five independent financial advisory “outlets” in France, with whom it collaborates in operations on an international scale. LINKERS is a member of the M&A Worldwide international mergers & acquisitions network.

EURODEALS is a member of the AFITE (Association pour le Financement et la Transmission d’Entreprise).

Jean-Marie PICHON, Lyon Management School, DECS, Member of the French Society of Financial Analysts

His career has involved the implementation of build-up policies in the capacity of Financial & Development Director, and subsequently CEO of major corporate groups (ECCO, PROTEG, CHUBB). He has conducted over 70 mergers & acquisitions in France, and in 11 countries worldwide (Europe, the USA, etc.).

Specifically, he has built up an exceptional wealth of experience in the corporate services sector and, since 2000, has advised managers and investment funds in operations of the LBO/OBO/BIMBO type.

Annie BORDAS, MBA from CESMA (Lyon Management School)

Previously Associate Director of the ESSEC IMD business school, in the Executive Programs division of the ESSEC group, her career has assumed a strategic and managerial dimension which allows her to rise to the challenges facing companies and their directors. She advises directors and helps them to clarify their strategic policy, in the interests of the clear definition of the outlines of the operation envisaged, supports them in the conduct of negotiations and delivers advice for the optimum execution of the disposal operation or LBO concerned.

Annie BORDAS holds an MBA from CESMA, and is a graduate in Humanities from the University of Lyon.


Selling your company

EURODEALS essentially operates as an exclusive consultant for the vendor, and supports the latter throughout the sale process, which can last from 4 to 12 months…

External growth / Build-up

This strategy can also provide an effective means of expansion through the development of related businesses, and fostering different organizational structures which may be more effective than those already in place.

The strategy of growth through acquisition permits more rapid progress.

LBO / OBO fundraising operations

EURODEALS acts as a consultant for shareholding directors (OBO), or buy-out managers (MBO, MBI) or as a consultant for capital investors. We specialize in SMid-cap LBO operations.

Whether you are a manager who wishes to buy-out a company…

Or a business-owning director who wishes to accelerate the development of your company in partnership with a capital investor…


AASSET Security International has conducted an OBO operation

Yoram ASSOUS, Chairman of AASSET Security International, reports as follows:

«We had apparently contradictory intentions: expansion at European level, while retaining control of the business and realizing an element of our capital with different time horizons from one partner to another.

The role played by EURODEALS in our scheme of development was of fundamental importance.

They were a genuine catalyst in our process of reflection. They helped us to structure a highly detailed procedure for the “profiling” of the AASSET Security group, in order to permit the completion of an OBO. The support of EURODEALS throughout the process (from the selection of the operation through to the conclusion of the agreement with the AURELNEXTSTAGE investment fund) was critical to the success of our fundraising operation».


Assignment of the VULCAIN group (turnover of 60 M€) to the giant US corporation UTC

Following a successful build-up, above and beyond the forecasts of the 5-year business plan, involving the acquisition of 22 companies, the Vulcain group, which specializes in the fire safety sector, was assigned by the investors NextStage AM, MI3, COFIR and the founding managers to the SICLI group (UTC).

EURODEALS, having advised Michel DARDENNE and Olivier TRIDON in a LBO, was appointed for the purposes of acquisition operations under the terms of an exclusive acquisition brief, in a build-up policy which culminated in the acquisition of 22 companies between 2011 and 2015, EURODEALS saw the LBO cycle through to its conclusion by finalizing the assignment of the VULCAIN group to the US giant UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION.

EURODEALS acted as exclusive consultants for the vendors.


BIMBO in online brokerage: LinXea (800 M€ of business in force)

LinXea is one of the four leading French online brokerage firms, with 20,000 clients and 800 M€ of business in force.

Its founders, David Capdevielle and Sylvie Solinas, invited capital investment from three entrepreneurs (Antoine Delon, Yves Conan and Stéphane Carlucci) supported by NextStage AM and M.I.3. in the pursuit of a development strategy on this market.

EURODEALS acted as an acquisition consultant for investors and the three buy-out entrepreneurs.

Assignment of PEINTISOL (turnover of 12 M€) to the ACORUS group


PEINTISOL is a company specializing in painting/insulation and reinstatement works. The company had a well-established base in the Ile-de-France, involving recurrent contracts with its clientele (subsidized housing providers, municipal authorities, etc.)

The acquisition of Peintisol was the first external growth operation undertaken by the ACORUS group, specialists in the renovation of accommodation for subsidized housing providers. This operation has allowed the group to reinforce its expertise in this trade sector, to penetrate new markets and envisage a policy of sustained development over the years ahead.

For the acquisition of Peintisol, MI3 joined forces with NextStage AM and Philippe Benquet, in the interests of supporting long-term growth.

EURODEALS acted as exclusive consultants for the vendors.

External growth of the Swiss corporation SECURITAS AG

Acquisition by SECURITAS AG of the telesurveillance business of the PROCEDO group.

This external growth operation has allowed the giant Swiss corporation SECURITAS AG to expand its presence in France, through this acquisition in the Alps.

EURODEALS acted as an acquisition consultant for SECURITAS AG.