Following a successful build-up, above and beyond the forecasts of the 5-year business plan, involving the acquisition of 25 companies, the Vulcain group, which specializes in the fire safety sector, was assigned by the investors NextStage, M.I.3, Cofir and the founding managers to the SICLI group (UTC).

EURODEALS, having advised the Vulcain group in its acquisitions, finalized this build-up by the assignment of the group to the US giant United Technologies Corporation.


LinXea is one of the four leading French online brokerage firms, with 20,000 clients and 800 M€ of business in force.

Its founders, David Capdevielle and Sylvie Solinas, invited capital investment from three entrepreneurs (Antoine Delon, Yves Conan, and Stéphane Carlucci) supported by NextStage AM and M.I.3. in the pursuit of a development strategy on this market.

EURODEALS acted as a consultant for the investors and entrepreneurs.


PEINTISOL is a company specializing in painting, cladding and exterior insulation works. At the time of this operation, the company had a well-established base in the Ile-de-France, generating turnover of 12 M€ under the terms of recurrent contracts with its clientele (subsidized housing providers/municipal authorities, etc.).

The acquisition of Peintisol was the first external growth operation undertaken by the ACORUS group, specialists in the renovation of accommodation for subsidized housing providers. This operation has thus allowed the group to reinforce its expertise in this trade sector, to penetrate new markets and to envisage a policy of sustained development over the years ahead.

For the acquisition of Peintisol, M.I.3 joined forces with NextStage and Philippe Benquet, in the interests of supporting long-term growth.

EURODEALS acted as a consultant for the shareholders of PEINTISOL.


Between 2011 and 2015, the VULCAIN group, by way of operations of the LBO type, pursued an intensive policy of external growth, involving the acquisition of 22 companies.


From 2011 onwards, the Vulcain group was constituted “from scratch” by the acquisition of 22 companies in the fire safety sector: these businesses involved the provision of services associated with the installation and maintenance of multi-brand extinguishing facilities, together with other associated services and products: training services, security lighting units, evacuation plans, fire hydrants, fire detection systems, smoke evacuation systems, etc.

This project was conducted, with the exclusive consultancy services of EURODEALS, by two specialists in the sector: its Chairman and CEO Michel Dardenne (formally CEO of the leading corporation in this sector: the Sicli group) and its Financial Director Olivier Tridon (formally Financial Director of the Sicli group), supported by two investment funds: NextStage and Matignon Investment. See link

This build-up, the final operation of which was concluded in 2015, was completed in 2016 by the assignment of all the subsidiaries in the group to the global leader in this sector, the UTC group, via its subsidiary Sicli.

This exemplary build-up has received prominent attention, in both the fire safety industry and the investment fund sector.

EURODEALS was the exclusive buy-side consultant for the acquisition of the majority of the companies bought out, and the sell-side consultant for the final assignment operation.


The US group has decided to de-invest in non-“core business” activities, and to assign CEMIS, which specializes in fire detections.

CEMIS is one of the leading operators on the French fire detection market.

At the time of this operation, its turnover was 16 M€, 60% in the form of recurrent revenue (maintenance and laboratory operations).

Fire detection accounts for 90% of its business, and automatic extinguishing systems for 10%.

CEMIS employs 90 staff in the Ile-de-France and the provinces. It also operates a multi-brand laboratory for the reconditioning of detectors.

By the acquisition of CEMIS, the Vulcain group has realized a diversification of its operations, and accelerated its expansion plan.

EURODEALS has acted as exclusive consultant for Johnson Controls, based in Milwaukee. The open bid was limited to eight key French and foreign operators specializing in the fire safety industry, and to certain investment funds with an interest in this sector.


The surveillance and security group GRP Sécurité (10th-ranked in France) has been assigned to the Spanish group Prosegur.

At the time of this operation, GRP generated a turnover of 35 M€, with over 1,000 employees.

GRP Sécurité, comprised of 6 companies, is part of the family-owned Luxembourg group Symbiose. The group had previously completed a number of acquisitions: in 2006, it expanded into the Ile-de-France by the acquisition of GRP, whose name it then assumed. In 2008, it acquired the security operations of ISS and, in November 2011, assumed a controlling interest in the security guard business of Avica in the Ile-de-France.

Through this major acquisition, the Spanish company Prosegur has reinforced its security guard operations in France, and expanded its presence in the Paris region and the east of France.

EURODEALS acted as consultants in this operation between Mr Renauld and Mr Mantz, founding directors of the Luxembourg operation, and the PROSEGUR group.


EURODEALS acted as consultants for Philippe GODIARD, founding director of OCEALIS-HOMVEIL, who wished to sell his company.

This business, which specializes in the provision of remote assistance for the elderly, had a base of 20,000 subscribers as the time of this operation, distributed throughout the national territory.

The operation involved the acquisition by EUROP ASSISTANCE and SFR Développement of a joint controlling interest in the company OCEALIS-HOMVEIL. This assignment, which has been approved by the Brussels authorities at the time of the operation, will allow EUROP ASSISTANCE to substantially reinforce its position in France, specifically in terms of the dynamism of its commercial approach to the remote assistance sector


EURODEALS acted as consultants for Christian CANARD, Chairman of the security firm “Maison de la Sécurité” (MDLS), who wished to assign the security guard operations of the group and refocus his business on the installation of security systems. At the time of disposal, the ten businesses assigned represented a turnover of 14 M€, with a staff of 400 persons.

PROSEGUR France has thus pursued its policy of acquisitions within French territory.

EURODEALS had previously undertaken the assignment of the installation and telesurveillance operations of the Christian CANARD group (specifically TEAM SÉCURITÉ) to the Swedish operator Securitas Alert Services.


EURODEALS acted as consultants for Cyril FLORES and Hervé SAIZ, both founders of MEDIAFRANCE, who wished to dispose of their remote security business for private individuals.

At the time of this operation, MEDIAVEIL generated turnover of 10 M€, with a base of nearly 10,000 subscribers. This company offers a remote security service, involving a unique opacifying mist system, which is released upon the detection of an intrusion. MEDIAVEIL ranks among the leading 15 French companies in the residential telesurveillance sector.

SECURIFIN, a holding company of Christian SNIDER and Baudouin de Villeneuve, embarked upon its first operation in the security sector in 2006, by investing in a company “with a high degree of differentiation” in relation to the competition.

Further to the present operation, SECURIFIN now holds a majority share in the capital of MEDIAVEIL, and has brought Cyril FLORES and Hervé SAIZ into its management forum.


As part of their development strategy, the shareholders of AASSET Security have elected to undertake an OBO operation, while remaining majority shareholders in their group.

According to its Chairman, Yoram Assous, this European expansion strategy required the restructuring of the capital of the group, and the involvement of an investor who would be prepared to support this development.

AASSET SECURITY ranks among the top 3 French operators in the sector for the distribution of videosurveillance systems and solutions. At the time of this operation, the group, which has a presence in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, generated a turnover of 25 M€.

As exclusive consultants for the shareholders of AASSET Security, EURODEALS has assisted its clients in the definition of their project, has organized the introduction of a selection of capital investors, has undertaken the competitive comparison of the various proposals, and has managed the LBO process through to its finalization, with capital investment from Aurel NextStage.